Tricky Mailing Issue: when a client as a couple wants separate mailing addresses or salutations

The complication arises because attorneys normally have only one Outlook contact record for a couple which is synchronized to one CRM contact, e.g. “John and Mary Smith”. Adding separate Outlook contact records would make it awkward for attorneys.

IntelliPad accommodates this situation by automatically creating separate mailing information when first name fields contain an “and” or an “&”. Unless changed, the separated first names are used for salutations and the standard mailing address and Email Address 1 is used for both. While editing recipients for a mailing, if attorneys or administrative assistants choose differing street and city addresses, email addresses, or modify respective salutations, the updated information is retained for all future letters and emails – and can be further changed as needed.

This feature significantly reduces the time needed for individually editing mailing labels and email addresses and reduces the possibility of not honoring a couple’s requested mailing preference.