Features Update
for IntelliPad Client Firms
January, 2022

New IntelliPad

  • New Opportunity Management module
  • Bar graphs and Pie Charts
    • CRM Implementation
    • Opportunity Management
    • Contact Communications

Optional IntelliPlus module
  • Scrapes Email Signatures for contact updates
  • Relationship Intelligence tracking options
    • Emails Sent & Received
    • Outlook Meetings

Enhanced IntelliPad will soon be available

This page is for clients to provide an overview of new IntelliPad features and enhancements.  All of the new graphics and the new Opportunity Management module are part of the basic IntelliPad software.  With the optional “IntelliPlus” module, new information is collected and presented and a new email signature-scraping feature provides an even more automated way to capture new contacts and collects changes to existing contacts in the CRM database.

You can see more details about these new features on the following pages:

Learn more about the optional IntelliPlus module.

Partners can be granted visibility of one or more Practice Groups
Any combination of these selections can be used to analyze trends
Clicking on a bar in a period drills down to a list of Opportunities, with full access to details

FAQ for this page

If this feature is used, email folders can be selected by User and by default the “from/to” statistics are captured without any subject or body text. If subject and body text information is captured, it is stored in an encrypted format and is only seen by email senders or recipients within the firm.
All of the features described above are completed. Some other features are being added for new clients over the next month or two. When those features are completed, a single new release will be provided. The other new IntelliPad features include:
  • Managing contact mailings for a husband and wife with a single contact record, e.g. “John and Mary Jones” for separate salutations and mailing addresses.
  • More control over limiting attorneys being able to see other attorney’s contacts.
  • Automatically assigning Practice Areas to new contacts, based on the attorney’s or lawyer’s Practice Group membership.

IntelliPlus is provided for a monthly base charge and per attorney charge (which scales down by firm size), e.g. a 30 attorney firm would be $110/month, a 200 attorney firm would be $300/month. Of course, we are happy to provide a quote.

IntelliPlus is only needed to track email traffic and Outlook meetings, and for signature scraping emails to collect new or changed contact information. Opportunity Management and new graphical presentations with drill-downs are included as an enhancement to the base system.