How does the IntelliPad CRM address “high net worth client” security?

Restricting Access to High Net Worth Clients with the IntelliPad CRM

Data breaches can be avoided with high levels of network security, but it important not to spread information beyond where it is needed in the firm to avoid mishandling highly sensitive contact information.

Celebrities and senior executives in major corporations qualify for more restrictive access. However, these same contacts need to be included in the firm’s marketing and client communication.

So, the IntelliPad CRM offers a “Primary Only” status for contacts. This is set by the attorney or administrative assistant in Outlook with a simple check box (see below). Outside of the marketing department, access to the contact’s information is then limited to their own attorney. All other attorneys and staff members will not know that contact is in the CRM database. IntelliPad allows you to change the title of this restriction check box, e.g., “high net worth, sensitive, exclusive”.

This feature is also important to ensure the “buy in” of influential professionals when implementing a CRM and will minimize the possibility of a very embarrassing disclosure.