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Mail Manager Follow-on Mailings

Fine-tune recipients with selection options

Easy recipient selection or refinement within the Mail Manager

After the initial responses are received, these responses can be used as a filter for additional mailing or event activities, for example: creating a new email task by selecting contacts who have not replied to the invitation, or who have replied “Email to Remind” or any of the other choices available (as shown in the second image below), sending a confirmation email to those who replied “Yes” (may be done automatically), adding contacts to the event, and selecting all “Yes” responses to print sign-in sheets and name tags. Responses are color-coded for easy recognition. Optionally, attorneys can receive email notification when their linked contacts RSVP to an invitation.

FAQ for this page

Can a CRM help Marketing do “follow-on” mailings for an event?
Yes. IntelliPad’s Mail Manager allows creation of more mail tasks for a future event, after the original email (or hardcopy mail) was sent. Contacts are selected by criteria such as: Did not yet reply, replied “maybe” (all responses are firm-defined, so any response can be used), was not included in mail task (name). The follow-on email message, of course, can be different from the original one—it can be a copy of the original message, with additions or changes as desired. If the mail task is a follow-on letter, the contact information is exported for printing of the mailing labels (optionally using Versys’ Word Labels macro).
Does a CRM provide sign-in sheets and name tags for events?
In IntelliPad’s Mail Manager, the “Yes” responses can be used to select contacts for printing of event sign-in sheets and name tags. Both are treated as data source file mail tasks: Selected contact information fields are exported for printing of labels, i.e. name tags, and the contact listing, i.e. sign-in sheet. Company names, job titles, and any other desired information can be included in both. In the Mail Manager screen’s master contact listing for the event, responses are color-coded with green for “Yes” and red for “No”. (All others are in gray.)