For the Marketing Department

IntelliPlus Module

  • Track Emails
  • Track Outlook Meetings
  • Scrape Email Signatures

Collect new statistics, and obtain new contacts from email signature blocks

The optional IntelliPlus module provides email tracking, calendar monitoring, email signature scraping and archiving. Email and Meeting statistics were not previously collected by IntelliPad.  More detailed information can be seen with the following PDF document: IntelliPlus (786KB)
Email Tracking – For selected email folders, IntelliPlus stores sent and received email statistical information and allows consolidated visibility – regardless of how many folders may be used by an individual professional. Email counts and optionally email subject and body information is tracked by contact and by company. The IntelliPad default is to not capture email subject and body text.
Outlook Calendar Meeting Tracking – This data is included with the Contact Communications Discovery shown below if the optional IntelliPlus feature is being used. The Meeting subject is optionally recorded, with a default of not capturing it. To create a graph, you can choose a month range, and select any combination of Job Titles, Contact and Company Categories, States, Cities, or Company Names. The application offers a quick lookup for all selection values in the database. (A pie chart is included at the bottom of Contact Communications Discovery page, but is not displayed in the example below. Also, no Contact Selection filters are used in the example below.)
Email Signature Scraping – Whenever an email is received from a new email address, IntelliPad asks whether to add the contact to the IntelliPad database. When desired, the program obtains the contact’s name, job title, and company name from the signature text and sends a new contact record to IntelliPad. The data steward can accept the new contact into the database or match it to a contact already there. If rejected, additional emails from the same email address will not result in repetitive requests. Incoming changes for contacts already in the CRM database are also collected and managed by IntelliPad.
These selections and the related values are only available if the IntelliPlus feature is in use.
A pie chart displaying the summaries for each of the selected Contact Communication activities is shown below this bar graph.

FAQ for this page

What is shown when a month is selected for a drilldown from the bar graph?

First, a list of all contacts with communications of the selected type(s) for the selected month is displayed, with totals at bottom. With IntelliPlus, this includes emails Sent and Received, and Outlook Meetings. Numbers in columns are clickable to open a further drilldown of detail mail tasks, activities, emails, etc. for that contact. Names and company names are clickable to open a window of information that includes "Show Charts" links -- these display a trend graph for that contact or company only. Hovering the cursor over any pie graph, in the main Show Chart page, displays a tip with the count of that data type for the entire chosen period, e.g. current year, quarter, or last 6 months.

How is the "Meetings" information collected?
IntelliPad automatically captures it from attorney Outlook Calendar meetings where attendees are invited and accept.
Do I need to know Job Titles or variations of other search values to find contacts?

The Search feature lets you click a lookup button (an example for Job Title is circled in red below) and select from an alphabetical list of all values in the database. This lookup method is available for Job Title, Contact Category, Company Category, Company State, and Company City. Company Name can be searched with any part of the name.

Contact Communications Discovery - Select Job Titles from the Database