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Integration with Constant Contact

Mass email campaigns managed from IntelliPad

The premier email service provider's tracking information is automatically collected by IntelliPad

Versys Software has partnered with Constant Contact, the premier and economical email service provider with over 500,000 clients world-wide, to provide enhanced email services to IntelliPad clients. By using Constant Contact with IntelliPad to send out mass email campaigns, firms avoid exposing their web address to designation as a source of spam.
With Constant Contact you can choose from over 400 easily customizable email templates or create designs from scratch, create highly visual and professional-looking email newsletters and promotions or invitations in minutes, and track the results after the emails have been sent: Opened, Forwarded, Opt-out requests, and Bounces (undeliverable). These results are automatically downloaded to IntelliPad tables on a periodic basis.
The integration with Constant Contact involves creation of a special mail task for an Event or Mailing List that already has contacts linked to it, whether by marketing staff or by attorneys in Outlook or ContactLink. The mail task has a selected Constant Contact campaign draft, and the list of linked contacts is uploaded to it on the Constant Contact website. The campaign is then scheduled and sent from Constant Contact. These result details are saved permanently by IntelliPad for each contact. Check out the 60 day FREE TRIAL for Constant Contact Email.
IntelliPad integrates in a similar way with both Emma and Act-On.

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How is the CRM integrated with Constant Contact® ?

Marketing creates an IntelliPad event for a Constant Contact email campaign, and attorneys mark their contacts for inclusion in it, as usual in Outlook or the browser view. IntelliPad’s Mail Manager provides a special mail task type in which a campaign created on the Constant Contact website is chosen. With a button click, the Contact information for the included contacts is uploaded to the Constant Contact website for sending of the emails.

Constant Contact only maintains the email feedback for each contact for 90 days. The IntelliPad program downloads the campaign feedback on a firm-defined schedule, where it can be maintained indefinitely. IntelliPad provides access to these feedback details for each campaign, showing the Sent, Open, Bounce, Opt-Out, and Forward statistics. Each response type has its own log of contacts. For emails Bounced due to invalid email address, the address can be changed in the contact record; Opt-Outs are automatically updated so that these contacts will not receive any emails in the future.

Can a CRM help Marketing do mass email campaigns without being designated a spam source?
Yes. The IntelliPad CRM offers optional integration with the Constant Contact ®, ActOn®, and Emma® webmail service providers. The contact information is uploaded from IntelliPad to the provider’s website, as explained in the answer to the question above. The emails are sent not from the firm but from the Constant Contact (or other provider) website. Campaign feedback is downloaded to the IntelliPad tables on a regularly scheduled basis, and the campaign feedback details are visible in IntelliPad, also as explained in the answer to the question above.