For the Marketing Department

firm-Defined Data Views

Access to all CRM data

Design analytical views of contact, company, event, link, and other data

The IntelliPad View Definition feature gives the Marketing staff an easy-to-use tool for analysis of contact information collected from all of the firm’s professionals, and from IntelliPad activities such as Event and Mailing List participation. All data fields, in all IntelliPad tables, can be included and used for sorting, filtering, and presentation; multiple tables can be used in one View. The View contents are shown in a browser with single-click linking to contact or company details. Views are not static reports; if contact information changes, the new information will be shown the next time a View is displayed.
The contents of any View can be exported to Microsoft Excel or to Word, and can be used as the basis for a list of participants for a planned event or mailing list. Selected Views can be made available to all or specific attorneys in ContactLink.

FAQ for this page

What kind of analytical reports does a CRM typically provide?
The IntelliPad CRM lets each firm create its own analytical reports. The “View” feature provides selection of any and all IntelliPad tables, and selection of specific data fields from those tables. Filtering criteria can be complex, so that only a limited number of contacts (or companies) will qualify for inclusion, or can be general so that most contacts will qualify. There is no limit to the number or type of Views each firm can create. Because Views contain the data field names to include, i.e. not actual data values: The program obtains the data values when a View is requested; this means the values are always current at the View request time. Next week or next month, some of the values could be different because of changes to contact information, linking to new events or mailing lists, etc.

Some basic examples:

  • New contacts added last month, showing the company, job title, email address, and attorney
  • All contacts with their primary attorney and all other linked attorneys
  • Contacts that have no email consent given, with their companies, addresses, and linked attorneys
  • Events last year, showing the attendees with their email addresses, business phone numbers, and linked attorneys
  • Companies in Phoenix, showing the linked contacts and their linked attorneys
Are any CRM analytical reports available to attorneys?
IntelliPad’s browser view, opened from Outlook, provides statistics, by month, for the attorney’s contacts. Data includes numbers of private and shared contacts, number of contacts linked to events/mailing lists, and number of contacts that had business development activity log entries. The goal is to show attorneys if they are not linking enough of their contacts to at least one mailing list, and if they are not keeping up the business development activities for their contacts. Attorney participation is needed to support the Marketing efforts.

Views created by Marketing, as explained in the answer to the question above, can be made available to all or specific attorneys in the Outlook browser view; each attorney can be limited to see his or her contacts only.