For the Marketing Department

Events and Mailing Lists

Email invitations with RSVPs, mailing labels, and mass emails

IntelliPad features simplify the management of marketing events and mailing lists

IntelliPad provides an integrated email editor for designing emails with optional ‘merge fields’ (contact and event data), clickable links (for recipients to RSVP), graphics, and HTML formatting. The example below shows a very basic message using merge fields and a clickable link. Optional features include notification of attorneys when contacts RSVP, and sending out confirmations with Outlook calendar attachments. Automated label printing is also provided.
The IntelliPad CRM also provides an easy way to send mass emails, both directly and through Constant Contact®, Emma®, and Act-On® third party service providers.
The IntelliPad Extended Queries application supports holiday card production with easy creation of the following:
  • Avery formatted Labels for all Single-Signers, paged by Signer
  • Avery formatted Labels for all Multiple Signers
  • Paged routing slips showing the contact name and attorneys who will sign a Holiday Card.

FAQ for this page

Does a CRM help with targeted mailings and event invitations?

In the IntelliPad CRM, attorneys easily mark their contacts for inclusion in mailings, or for invitation to an event, either directly in Outlook or in the convenient browser view opened from Outlook. When Marketing creates a new event or mailing list, they can send an email to all attorneys providing a link to it in the browser view, so that with one click each attorney can open his or her contacts and mark the ones to include in the new mailing or invite to the new event.

For the Marketing staff, IntelliPad includes a convenient “Mail Manager” for each mailing list or event. Features include selection of all or specific linked contacts for inclusion in a mail task, and selection of a type of mail task—email message, export of data field values for print of mailing labels, or export of data field values for upload to a third party service provider. A content editor is provided for creation of professional email messages that can include colors and formatting, graphics and images, specific data field values such as contact name, event name, and event time and date, and clickable links to a firm landing page for RSVP to an event or management of subscriptions to firm publications.

Optional direct interfaces are available for the Constant Contact®, Act-On®, and Emma® webmail service providers.

Can a CRM help a firm comply with anti-spam laws?

Yes. The IntelliPad CRM requires all contacts added in Outlook to have a default Email Consent status of “Unknown” and a default Mail Type which can be “No Mail” for firms that must comply. Contacts cannot be included in email mail tasks unless and until their Email Consent has been expressly given, with a source and date, and their Mail Type has been changed to allow email only or both email and hardcopy mail.

If an implied consent status is allowed while active invoices exist for a client: Consent must be withdrawn 2 years after the last invoice date (per the Canadian law, CASL). IntelliPad can do this automatically by keeping track of the invoices and payments, exported from the billing application, for each contact. The firm can create an email to be sent automatically to every contact, when their consent is about to expire, optionally including a clickable link to a firm web page where they can either unsubscribe from all, or request continued subscription to selected firm publications.

Firms not required to comply with anti-spam laws can just ignore these features.

How does a CRM handle mass email campaigns?
The IntelliPad CRM offers optional interfaces with the Constant Contact®, Act-On®, and Emma® webmail service providers. For a mass mailing, contact data is uploaded from the IntelliPad database to the provider’s website for sending of the emails, thus avoiding any spam designation for the firm’s email server. Each provider offers many templates for creation of very professional email messages. After a campaign has been sent, the results are downloaded to IntelliPad tables by an IntelliPad program, on a schedule determined by each firm. Logs of Sent, Bounced, Opened, etc. results are maintained in IntelliPad for each campaign.
Can a CRM print mailing labels for contacts?
With IntelliPad, contact data is always current for all attorneys and Marketing because of the central database which is updated with contact changes from Outlook. The changes are also exported to the Outlook folders of all attorneys who share the contact, so no attorney has a contact missing the most recent changes. As a result, no time must be spent trying to find out the most current addresses or email addresses of contacts.

Attorneys mark their contacts for a holiday card right in Outlook, when adding a new contact, or use the convenient browser view, opened from Outlook, where they choose the holiday card mailing list then add and remove contacts as desired. These links are updated to the central database immediately, so Marketing has the complete list of holiday card recipients from all attorneys. Optional features are a “Sign Card” checkbox and a personal greeting that attorneys can mark and enter in Outlook or the browser view. Marketing will use the Sign Card value to route paper cards to attorneys for signature, if used, or to include “signer” attorney names and greetings in the email holiday card.

The optional IntelliPad Extended Queries application supports holiday card production, for mailed paper cards, with easy creation of the following:

  • Avery formatted Labels for all Single-Signers, paged by Signer
  • Avery formatted Labels for all Multiple Signers
  • Paged routing slips showing the contact name and attorneys who will sign a Holiday Card