For the Marketing Department

Events and Mailing Lists

Email invitations with RSVPs, mailing labels, and mass emails

IntelliPad features simplify the management of marketing events and mailing lists

IntelliPad provides an integrated email editor for designing emails with optional ‘merge fields’ (contact and event data), clickable links (for recipients to RSVP), graphics, and HTML formatting. The example below shows a very basic message using merge fields and a clickable link. Optional features include notification of attorneys when contacts RSVP, and sending out confirmations with Outlook calendar attachments. Automated label printing is also provided.
The IntelliPad CRM also provides an easy way to send mass emails, both directly and through Constant Contact®, Emma®, and Act-On® third party service providers.
The IntelliPad Extended Queries application supports holiday card production with easy creation of the following:
  • Avery formatted Labels for all Single-Signers, paged by Signer
  • Avery formatted Labels for all Multiple Signers
  • Paged routing slips showing the contact name and attorneys who will sign a Holiday Card.