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Data Steward Features

Accurate and current contact information

Be confident in the accuracy of shared contact information

Clean and consistent contact information is the first priority of any good CRM solution. The IntelliPad Data Steward process ensures accuracy and consistency. The acceptance of both new contacts and contact changes can be automated in various ways, with “human review” available. Automated data cleansing rules can be defined; for example, changing State names to the two letter postal codes.
Firms can decide which Outlook contact data fields to monitor for changes, and which of these fields require a review before updating the central database and the Outlook folder of others who shared the same contact. To streamline the optional human review, changes are marked in red. The human review page includes a variety of helpful tools, for example: Researching the contact name/company name, seeing all addresses for a company, and analyzing the results of accepting a change.
Incoming values from Outlook or other source
Editable values, to be saved in both the central database and Outlook
Values found in the database
Red indicates values to be changed if the incoming value is accepted