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CRM Implementation

Improved Management of CRM Usage

Full Visibility of CRM Utilization by Professionals

You can discover trends by comparing attorneys or other professionals to firm averages within selected month ranges. This information can be used to identify where additional training and encouragement may be needed. Attorneys or other professionals can be selected by name or within ranking by usage categories.
CRM utilization is based on counts by month for: Outlook Contacts, Outlook Contacts Shared, Contacts Receiving Mailings for Marketing Events or Mailing Lists, Contacts with Business Development Follow-up Activities.
These utilization counts are automatically collected and summarized by the IntelliPad system.

FAQ for this page

How can you rank and select an attorney for comparison to firm averages?

Statistic selection provides choices of Outlook (total contacts), Shared (number of them shared), Lists (number of contacts that have received mailings) or Follow-Up (number of them having activities). You can then limit the number of attorneys to return, such as 10 or 20, and sort them from low to high or vice-versa. The result is a list of attorneys ranked in the sort order, for the chosen statistic, showing the number for each attorney. From this list, you select an attorney to view the graphs.

CRM Implementation Discovery - User Selections
How far back is data stored?
IntelliPad captures data for all of the prior year and year-to-date for the current year.