For the Marketing Department

Contact Relationships and Participation

Track relationships and history of event participation

Contact Links show Relationships with Attorneys and Companies, and Participation in Events and Mailings

The Marketing Department can see the history of the contact’s Marketing Event and Mailing List participation, as well as all related Tasks–usually mailings for an event or list. All types of links can be added and edited in IntelliPad, e.g. to attorneys, companies, and other contacts. In Outlook, attorneys can view links for Past Marketing Events, Additional Companies, and other Users Sharing their contacts.
IntelliPad uses links–between contacts and attorneys, contacts and companies, contacts and events or mailing lists, contacts and tasks — to facilitate collaboration between attorneys and to organize and manage the consistency of contact and mailing list information within the firm.

FAQ for this page

How can a CRM provide relationship intelligence about contacts?
In the IntelliPad CRM, “contact links” are used to show contact relationships with attorneys, companies, and other contacts, and participation in events and mailings. In addition to the contact company added in the standard Outlook form, the IntelliPad Marketing page has a section for addition of more companies that a contact has relationships with; each firm can define its own codes for these relationships, such as: Board of Directors, Outside CPA, Majority Stockholder, etc. Also in Outlook, or the IntelliPad browser view opened from it, attorneys mark their contacts for participation in events and mailing lists. On the Marketing side, each contact record includes the lists of all attorneys who share it, all companies and their relationships, and all linked events and mailing lists. Marketing staff can add links between a contact and other firm contacts, where applicable. Each company record includes the list of all contacts linked to it, with their addresses.

IntelliPad maintains logs of all changes to these links. For example, when a contact changes jobs, the former company is maintained in the history of changes. The contact participation in events and mailing lists is maintained indefinitely. As a result, Marketing has a complete picture of every contact and company known to the firm.
What kind of contact history does a CRM typically provide?
IntelliPad keeps detailed logs of the following:

  • Changes to contact and company information, whether made in Outlook or the Marketing side.
  • Addition, deletion, or changes to links: Attorney, company, other contact, event and mailing list. These are kept by contact, company, event/mailing list, and task (i.e. specific mailing task for a specific event or mailing list).
  • Mailing task history by contact.
  • Consolidations of duplicate contacts or companies.