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IntelliPad’s SQL Server database keeps a single record for each contact

Keep Outlook contact information consistent for all attorneys

Multiple attorneys may have the same contact in their Outlook folders, but the IntelliPad SQL server database has a single record for each contact and information about which attorneys share the contact.
When an attorney changes contact information in Outlook: IntelliPad updates the central database record as well as the contacts in the Outlook folders of the other attorneys, as described in the Data Steward Features topic.

With IntelliPad, accurate contact information is maintained on an ongoing basis, not as a pressured and time-consuming project when the information is needed for a specific mailing or event invitation.

FAQ for this page

Yes. The IntelliPad CRM captures all new contacts added in Outlook and places them in a central database. There is just one record per contact, with a list of the attorneys who share it. If any of these attorneys makes a change in Outlook: The change is accepted into the central database, then exported to the contact in the Outlook folders of the other sharing attorneys—so all receive the updates. The acceptance process can be automated in various ways, as selected by each firm. The optional “Primary User Review” feature designates the originator of a contact as Primary; if other attorneys share the contact and at some point one of them makes a change to contact information, IntelliPad sends an email to the Primary, who must then approve or reject the change.
IntelliPad’s central database has just one record for each contact. When the software is first installed, all Outlook contacts from all attorneys are sent to the review process for the central database, where duplicates can be identified and consolidated into one record after verification of the most current company, address, email, and all other data. Each contact record will have a list of the sharing attorneys. The contact data being saved in this database record is then exported to each sharing attorney’s Outlook folder, so that all have the same data for the contact. Whenever contact information changes are made in the future: After acceptance into the central database, the change is exported to each sharing attorney’s Outlook folder. In this way, all attorneys who share a contact always have the same, most current information. As explained in the answer to the question above, the acceptance process can be automated in various ways, as selected by each firm, and there is an optional “Primary User Review” feature to give attorneys control over who makes changes to their “primary” contacts.