For the Marketing Department

Contact Company Information

Using IntelliPad’s Company Record Feature

Track both current and former company relationships by contact

Contact Company information is stored in a separate table in the SQL Server database; each company record has a list of its linked contacts. On the Company record in IntelliPad, the Marketing staff sees all linked contacts organized by addresses.
For increased accuracy, when a contact’s company name is changed in Outlook, IntelliPad asks if this is a name change only, or a new company for this contact.  If a name change, other contacts linked to the company are updated.
As as a contact moves from one company to the next, the history is retained by IntelliPad and can be displayed in Outlook under “Additional Companies” (which can also be used to track other company relationships for a contact).

FAQ for this page

Can a CRM help keep track of companies that contacts are affiliated with?
Yes. The IntelliPad CRM keeps a separate table of company records in the central database. When a contact is added in Outlook, and it has a company: The new company is added to this table, with the contact name and address. If the company for a new contact in Outlook has a potential match in the database, a window opens showing these company names and their addresses. The attorney can choose one of the matches, and an address, or proceed to add if the new company is not one of them. If a match is chosen: The new contact with his/her address is added to the company record; if an existing address was selected, the contact is added under it so there are no duplicate addresses for the company.

An “additional companies” section is optionally included on the IntelliPad Marketing page in Outlook. Attorneys can search the companies table and select any companies that a contact has a relationship with. If the company is not in the table, it can be added directly. A firm-defined code for the type of relationship, such as Board of Directors, can be selected for each company. As a result, the firm has a complete picture of all company affiliations of each contact. When a contact’s main company, or one of the additional ones, is changed or removed, IntelliPad maintains the history for the contact.

IntelliPad allows addition of company-only “contacts” in Outlook. “Company” is added as the first name when such a contact is accepted into the database. These company-only contacts are not eligible for selection for mailings or event invitations.
How does a CRM update contact information when company name or address changes are made?
When an attorney changes a contact’s company name or address in Outlook, IntelliPad asks if this change is a correction or a new company or new address. If a correction: Other contacts having that company name, or address, are automatically changed as is the record in the companies table. If a new company for the contact, no other contacts are affected. If a new address but the company name is not changed: The address is added in the company record, and the contact is moved from the former address to the new one; no other contacts under the former address are changed. IntelliPad maintains logs of all changes, for both contacts and companies.
Can a CRM help Marketing know more about their contacts’ companies?
The IntelliPad CRM lets each firm define any number of custom data fields for company information. For example: Number of employees, annual revenue, publicly traded, countries located in. Values can be entered by attorneys in Outlook when new contacts are added or edited, or by the Marketing staff. These data fields can be used by Marketing to create reports about companies.