For the Marketing Department

Easier CRM Automation

Accurate Contact Information with IntelliPad

Integrations and features for the Marketing Department

  • Be confident that contact information is current and accurate.
  • Focus on creating successful marketing events and mailings, instead of “cleaning up the data”.
  • Integrate with Constant Contact and other third-party email service providers for efficient email response tracking.
  • Holiday Card processes can be easy for attorneys and the marketing staff.

FAQ for this page

Does CRM make marketing automation easier?
Yes. The IntelliPad CRM provides contact information that is current and accurate, from Outlook, so Marketing can focus on creating successful events and mailings, instead of trying to clean up the data. IntelliPad features in Outlook make it easy for attorneys to mark their contacts for Holiday Cards and other mailings. Constant Contact® and other third party email service providers can be used with IntelliPad, for email response tracking.

Other features include Activity Log for Business Development, where attorneys add activities for contacts in Outlook and IntelliPad automatically creates future follow-up activities and sends weekly (or other time period) Open Activity reports to attorneys, and a variety of firm-defined marketing information that provides in-depth contact knowledge, such as contact types, practice areas, referral source, relationship, other companies, event and mailing list participation and history, and history of changes.
How can law firm marketing benefit from CRM?
The IntelliPad CRM ensures that contact information is accurate and always updated, by capturing new contacts and contact changes from Outlook. As a result, “cleaning up the data” is never needed. Optional, firm-defined marketing data can be available for attorneys to select for contacts in Outlook, to provide more in-depth knowledge about contacts; for example: contact types, practice areas, other companies, and client accounting.

The Marketing department creates mailing lists and events which attorneys can link their contacts to right in Outlook; as a result, Marketing can easily send out practice area alerts, event invitations, newsletters, or holiday cards to the linked contacts from all firm attorneys.

IntelliPad’s Activity Log for Business Development, available in Outlook, lets attorneys add activities such as follow-up calls or conference appointments for contacts. Each firm defines the “future recurrences” for these activities, which are created automatically. The Open Activity report, sent to all attorneys weekly (or other time period) helps attorneys achieve their business follow-up requirements.