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Settings for Unique Requirements

Customizable Features in Outlook

Select what attorneys see in Outlook, and customize many IntelliPad features

As shown in the first image below, there are many categories of features and options for customization. The second image shows the sections available for attorneys to see on the Marketing page in Outlook, and other options for that page.
“Mail Management Settings” determine default values for Email Consent and Mail Preference for contacts, and define other aspects of IntelliPad mailings. “Primary User Review” lets each contact have an attorney designated as “primary;” options determine how the primary approves contact changes made by other attorneys. “System View” consists of format choices for date, time, and number display, and default timezone and country.
“Activity Log” provides business development contact follow-up features, “Marketing Events” and “Mailing Lists” enable attorneys to link their contacts to events and lists as created by marketing staff, “Users Sharing this Contact” displays all linked attorneys for the contact, and “History of Changes” displays all contact data and link changes that have been made by all attorneys.

NOTE: If a customized integration with other internal systems is desired, as a separate page in Outlook, IntelliPad supports pointing to an internal website and passing along a parameter for the identity of the IntelliPad contact in the SQL Server database.

FAQ for this page

Are there customizable features in a CRM?

Yes, many. IntelliPad provides an array of settings and options that each firm can choose. Examples include:

  • Optional marketing information to make available for Outlook contacts: Contact Type, Practice Area, Relationship Strength (all are firm-defined codes).
  • Sections included on the Marketing page in Outlook: Referral Source, Events and Mailing Lists for contact participation, Business Development Activities, Business Development Opportunities, Additional Companies for contacts, Users sharing the contact, Accounting links to clients in the billing database, History of Changes to contact information.
  • Default values for contact mailing issues such as email consent and type of mail allowed.
  • Type of user authorization required to create, edit, and delete “links” between contacts and events/mailing lists.
  • System settings for display of dates, times, and default time zone and country name.
  • Features available and contact information shown in the browser view opened from Outlook.
  • Scheduled tasks for the running of various programs, i.e. their frequency and some processing options.
  • Unlimited custom data fields for contacts, companies, attorneys, events, tasks related to events, business development activities, and person to event relationships.
Do CRMs accommodate unique marketing requirements?
Yes. The IntelliPad CRM has a wide range of settings and options for many aspects of processing and functionality, as explained in the answer to the question above. There are optional programs and interfaces, such as Custom Landing Pages within the firm’s website and integration with third-party webmail service providers such as Constant Contact®. Each firm has control over what marketing information is available for attorneys to see and add or select for contacts in Outlook. Additionally, each firm can define custom data fields for both contacts and companies, to track any type of information desired.