For the IT Department

Comprehensive System Auditing

Logs for IT, Marketing, and Outlook Users

Logs cover all aspects of IntelliPad processing, marketing functions, and contact data management

All logs are provided on the IntelliPad Management menu (authorization required), and contact data logs are optionally provided for attorneys on the Marketing Page in Outlook (History of Changes).
Logs of interest to IT include: Application Messages, Batch Cycle Messages, Trace Messages, Outlook Tasks, and Library Messages. These logs cover system processing, including actions that affect other applications, and are fully explanatory.
Marketing logs include: Imported Changes, Reviewed Changes, Consolidations, Application Statistics, Outlook Searches, Contact Communications. These logs cover IntelliPad functions for contacts and users, and provide details such as date, time, user, source, column name, before and after data (where applicable), and descriptions of actions taken by the program.
Contact data logs are Data Changes and Link Changes, which provide details of new, updated, and deleted contacts and contact links (e.g. to companies and events). They include the same details described above. The images below show the selection criteria page and sample log page for the Data Changes log (from the Management menu).