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Modified Outlook Form

significant additional functionality

Professionals continue to work in Outlook, which increases acceptance and minimizes training

Small changes to the standard Outlook contact form result in significant additional functionality. The “IntelliPad General” Region can be expanded as shown below or contracted to a single line. If preferred, the IntelliPad General Region can be shown on the bottom of the Outlook contact form.

There are two additional pages in Outlook: The Marketing page, which provides entry of additional IntelliPad information about the contact, including links to events and mailing lists, and an available IntelliMap feature in Outlook to show maps, driving directions, and both Google and Google News searches for the contact, company, and combination of both.

When new contacts are added, IntelliPad automatically looks in the shared database and displays possible matches.  If a contact is already in the shared database, all of the Outlook contact information will be filled-in for the user.

If checked, the contact is shared with central database,  (the label “Marketing Database” can be changed.)
These Public Notes are shared with the database.  Other Notes, below the business card view, are not shared.
Opens the browser view of shared contacts, which provides searching for contacts, linking of contacts to events and mailing lists, and other functions.
Tools provided by IntelliPad, including Driving directions with the IntelliMap.

FAQ for this page

Can a CRM work with Outlook?

IntelliPad, from Versys Software, captures new contacts and contact changes from Outlook and sends them to a central database. Attorneys need do nothing different to add a new contact or update contact information. The CRM provides additional features such as marking contacts for inclusion in mailings or events, and keeping a log of business development activities.

Do attorneys need special training to use a CRM?
With small changes to the standard Outlook contact form, the IntelliPad CRM adds significant functionality. Since attorneys continue to work in Outlook, minimal training is needed.
What features does the CRM add to Outlook?
IntelliPad adds two pages: "Marketing“, which provides entry of additional information about the contact, including links to events and mailing lists, and “IntelliMap” (shown below), which provides Google and Google News searches on the contact (and company) as well as maps of addresses and driving directions.
Does the CRM help prevent entry of duplicate contacts?
Yes. When an attorney adds a new contact in Outlook, IntelliPad can automatically search the shared database, or prompt them to search it; and possible matches are then shown. The attorney can select one of them, if applicable, or ignore and add if the contact is not one of them.
How does the CRM keep contact information updated firm-wide?
IntelliPad takes new contacts, and contact changes, from Outlook and places them in a central database. There is just one record for each contact, even though multiple attorneys may have the same contact in their Outlook folders. Any change made in Outlook is updated to the contact record in the database, then also exported and updated to the contact in the Outlook folders of the other attorneys.