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Marketing Information Page in Outlook

Additional Fields to Complete Contact Profile

Easily see and share information about a contact from within Outlook

Attorneys can see who else knows a contact, a complete history of changes with the date and name of user who made each one, a collection of marketing information such as Practice Areas and Contact Type, and an optional Client Level Financial Summary.

Activity Logs, if used, offer contact follow-up management with periodic reminder email notices to attorneys.

Contacts can be individually added or removed from events and mailing lists, along with the ability to change which address should be used.

Firms that must comply with anti-spam laws use these fields to ensure the contact won’t receive any email unless consent is received.
Add or remove contact to/from Events and Mailing Lists
See who else in the firm is working with a contact

FAQ for this page

How does the CRM help attorneys find answers, in Outlook, about their contacts?
The IntelliPad CRM adds features to Outlook so attorneys can: Mark contacts for inclusion in mailings and events and see a history of events attended, keep a log of business development activities, with automatic future recurrences, for each contact, and see which other firm attorneys know a contact. Other optional information for contacts includes Practice Area, Referral Source, Additional Companies, and History of Changes.
What CRM information is available to attorneys for contacts in Outlook?
IntelliPad’s basic contact profile includes both public and private notes, names of other attorneys who know the contact, history of changes (with dates and submitters), event and mailing list participation and history, and log of business development activities with future follow-ups. Optional marketing information available is described in the answer to the next question.
Does the CRM provide marketing profile information for contacts in Outlook?
IntelliPad provides a “Marketing” page (as shown above) in Outlook that attorneys can view for each contact. Each firm chooses the sections shown on this page. Examples: Firm-defined codes for Practice Area, Contact Type, and Relationship; additional company affiliations of the contact; client financial information; mail type preference and email consent; business development Opportunities. Each firm can create custom data fields for any kind of contact and company data the management wants to know, e.g. professional organization memberships, family members, alma mater; company’s number of employees, annual revenue, private or public, name of president and CEO.
Does the CRM help attorneys with contact follow-up?
Yes. IntelliPad provides a “Business Development Activities" section on the Marketing page in Outlook. Each firm creates Activity Codes with optional future recurrences for the types of follow-ups required. Attorneys enter activities for each contact, and the system automatically creates the future recurrences. Examples: Monthly follow-up calls, quarterly follow-up calls, active client status calls, etc. IntelliPad sends “open activity” email reports to attorneys on a schedule set by each firm. Examples: Every Monday with activities for the week, every Friday with activities for the next week.
Is it easy for attorneys to add contacts for Practice Area Alerts?
Yes. IntelliPad’s browser-based view, opened from within Outlook, provides selection of any firm-defined mailing list. The result is a list of the attorney’s contacts. All that’s needed is to check the box for each contact to be included. When adding a new contact in Outlook, the attorney can link the contact to any desired mailing list right on the IntelliPad Marketing page (which includes sections for both upcoming events and mailing lists).