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Manage Mailings for My Contacts

Working with IntelliPad’s ContactLink feature

Attorney-efficient marketing event and mailing list management

Attorneys can click the IntelliPad ContactLink button in Outlook, choose a marketing event or mailing list, and see a list of all their contacts with a check box for each. Checking or unchecking the box indicates whether or not the contact is included in the event or mailing. The mailing address type and salutation can be changed for a contact, if needed; some mailings, such as a holiday card, may have a “Sign” check box and a personal greeting entry. As shown in the second image below, all of the same control over contact participation is provided directly within Outlook. ContactLink has the additional feature of selecting multiple events and mailing lists, then linking all or selected contacts to them at once.
In preparation for a mailing, the Marketing staff can send emails to all attorneys with a clickable link to open the check box view of their contacts for this upcoming event or mailing.
A check mark here means the contact is linked to this event or mailing list.
A “Sign” check box and personal “greeting” text are provided for some Mailing Lists such as cards; entry is optional
One click linking of all the attorney’s contacts
Used to link contacts to multiple events and mailing lists in one pass
Presentation in Outlook for a contact. The “Sign” check box and personal “greeting” text are available here also, if any.

FAQ for this page

Can a CRM help attorneys manage mailings for their contacts, including holiday cards?

Yes. The IntelliPad CRM provides a browser-based view, opened from within Outlook, where attorneys can select any firm mailing list. The result is a list of all their contacts. One click links a contact to the mailing list. Optional link features include: Selection of a firm-defined category, entry of comments, and entry of an override salutation. The Holiday Card mailing list might have a “Sign Card” check box, used by Marketing to route paper cards to attorneys for signature, or to add signer attorney names to emailed cards. When adding a new contact in Outlook, attorneys can link the person to any mailing list right on the IntelliPad Marketing page; the same optional link features are available there.

IntelliPad’s browser-based view, opened from Outlook, provides a convenience feature where attorneys can select multiple mailing lists and events, and link their contacts to all of them with one click.

What are some other uses of CRM, aside from contact information?
The IntelliPad CRM helps attorneys manage mailings for their contacts, including holiday cards, as described in the answer to question above. Another feature is the Business Development Activities: Attorneys add activities for their contacts, and IntelliPad automatically generates the future follow-up activities (as defined by each firm), and sends weekly (or other time period) Open Activities reports to attorneys.
Can a CRM show attorneys which of their contacts attended an event?
IntelliPad's browser view, opened from Outlook, enables attorneys to select a past marketing event, of any type, and then select a response such as "attended". The result is a listing of all their contacts with the "attended" response. (Each firm defines its own response codes; the responses can be assigned by Marketing, or by import of mail information, e.g., from Excel spreadsheets or other files.)