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Control of Changes Made by Others

Using IntelliPad’s Primary User Feature

Optional primary attorney control of changes to contacts

A “Primary User” can be assigned to each contact, typically the attorney who originally added it. With this option, each time another attorney makes a change to the contact in Outlook, the primary receives an email requesting their approval. This email provides a link to a web page showing the change details; the primary can accept or reject the change — there are a number of options for the functionality of this page.
A time limit can be set for the response by the primary; if none, the change will continue through the normal data steward and IntelliPad update process. If the primary rejects the change, an email with comments is sent to the attorney who made the change.

FAQ for this page

Does the CRM give attorneys control over changes to their contacts?

Yes. IntelliPad allows designation of the attorney who originated a contact as “primary”. An optional feature, “primary user review,” requires the primary to approve any changes made by other attorneys who share the contact. When an attorney submits a change, IntelliPad sends an email to the contact’s primary, showing the proposed change and the submitter’s name and date. The primary must approve the change before it can be accepted in the central database. The primary can reject the change, if applicable.

A time limit can be established, so that if the primary does not respond within a day, or 3 days, or other period, the change will be accepted in the usual firm procedure. However, each attorney can have a designated “notify” person, i.e. their assistant, who can approve changes if the attorney is on vacation, maternity leave, or business trip.

How does the CRM handle contact changes made in Outlook?
A program captures changes, from each attorney’s Outlook contacts, and a record for each contact change is submitted to a review process in IntelliPad’s web interface. (Each firm selects the data fields that will be monitored for changes.) The acceptance of these changes can be automated in various ways according to “rules” set by each firm. When a change is accepted, the central database is updated and the change is exported to the contact in the Outlook folders of all attorneys who share it.

As explained in the first question/answer above, each contact can have a “primary attorney,” usually the one who originated the contact. If another linked attorney submits a change, IntelliPad sends an email to the contact’s primary showing the change details, and the primary can either accept or reject the change as applicable.