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Using IntelliPad to Gain Valuable Insights

How does the CRM help attorneys find answers, in Outlook, about their contacts?

The IntelliPad CRM adds features to Outlook so attorneys can: Mark contacts for inclusion in mailings and events and see a history of events attended, keep a log of activities, with automatic future recurrences for each contact, and see which other firm attorneys know a contact. Other optional information for contacts includes Practice Area, Referral Source, Additional Companies, and History of Changes.

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Who else in the firm knows a contact?
The IntelliPad Marketing page in Outlook optionally includes the “Users Sharing this Contact” section, which displays the names of all attorneys who have shared the contact from their Outlook folders. Optional information for each attorney is the “Strength” of relationship (user-defined codes) and the “Is Primary” designation (Yes or No) if this feature is used. The Relationship Strength, if used, can be selected by contact in the Outlook Basic Marketing section, or for all the attorney’s shared contacts in the ContactLink browser view’s Relationships function. In ContactLink which is opened from Outlook, attorneys can also see all of their shared contacts and set each Relationship Strength.

Who do we know at a client or prospect company?
A browser view provides searching by company name; all contacts of the selected company can be displayed along with who in the firm knows each contact as shown below.

How do I add someone for practice area alerts?
In Outlook on a contact's Marketing tab as shown below, just add a check mark for the desired mailing. There is also a browser list view showing all of an attorney's contacts with check boxes for a selected event. And, for convenience, attorneys can choose to edit multiple events concurrently for their list of contacts. Or, the marketing staff can send emails with clickable links to attorneys requesting them to update their own contacts for one or more events.

How can attorneys improve their business development follow-up?

To improve the consistency of follow-up with clients and other contacts, IntelliPad provides an “Activity Log” in Outlook for each contact. The user-defined Activity Types are setup with the desired “Recurrence” such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and third Tuesday of the month.

Each Activity Log entry added for a contact in Outlook has a date, time, and comment. IntelliPad automatically produces notification emails to participating attorneys which provide them with follow-ups not yet completed and upcoming follow-up activities. The firm can set the frequency and content of these emails, for example: once a week on Monday containing all open activities for the coming week.

Attorneys can share individual follow-up activities with all other attorneys, selected attorneys, or just with the Marketing department.