Frequently Asked Questions

What about personal contacts in Outlook?​

When new contacts are added, an organizational option controls the default setting of the Marketing Database checkbox, whether or not the contact will be shared. Also, with our automated conversion, we offer an option to add contacts to IntelliPad that are not marked in Outlook as “Private”.

For shared contacts, IntelliPad can automatically search the database, or prompt the user to search it, for both contact and company names; any matches found are shown. Users can select a match and download into their folders, if applicable, or ignore matches and add the new contact. When new contacts are added, an organizational option controls the setting of the Marketing Database checkbox.

Is it easy for Attorneys to add contacts for Practice Area Alerts?
Attorneys can accomplish this in Outlook with a Marketing page for each Contact. Part of the Marketing page, as shown below, shows a list of alert topics with adjacent check boxes. They just have to add a check mark for the desired mailing. There are also browser list views to show all of an attorney's contacts with check boxes for a selected event. Attorneys can also edit multiple events concurrently for their list of contacts. Or, the marketing staff can send emails with clickable links to attorneys requesting them to update their own contacts for one or more events.

Which other attorneys know a contact?

The IntelliPad Marketing page in Outlook includes the “Users Sharing this Contact” section to display the names of all attorneys who have shared the contact from their Outlook folders. Optional information for each attorney is the “Strength” of relationship (user-defined codes) and the “Is Primary” designation (Yes or No) if this feature is used. The Relationship Strength, if used, can be selected by contact in the Outlook Basic Marketing section, or with an Outlook accessed "ContactLink" browser view of all an attorney’s shared contacts.

Who does the firm know at a client or prospect organization?
With a search by company name, all contacts of the company can be displayed along with who in the firm knows each contact, as shown below.

How can IntelliPad improve business development?

To improve the consistency of follow-up, IntelliPad provides an “Business Development Activity Log” in Outlook. Attorneys can set recurring follow-up strategies for selected contacts. These are setup with a desired “Recurrence” such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, third Tuesday of the month, or any other frequency.

Each planned follow-up added for a contact in Outlook has a date, time, and comment. IntelliPad automatically produces notification emails to participating attorneys which provide them with follow-ups not yet completed and upcoming follow-up activities. The firm can set the frequency and content of these emails, for example: once a week on Monday containing all open activities for the coming week.

Attorneys can share per-contact follow-up activities with all other attorneys, selected attorneys, or just with the Marketing department.

Which clients or prospects attended an event?
The browser view (ContactLink) provides a view of Past Marketing Events with a filter such as 'attended', as shown below.  ContactLink is available from Outlook.

What is the IntelliMap feature in Outlook?
Opened by clicking the “View IntelliMap” link on the Outlook contact page, this application shows a Google map of the contact’s addresses, and provides access to Google and Google News for the contact name and company name. Driving directions, from the user’s office address or any location, to the contact’s addresses can be requested.

How can IntelliPad improve the accuracy of contact information, with minimal effort?

IntelliPad provides options that enable each firm to customize the processing of new contacts, and changes to existing contact information, from Outlook (or imported from other sources).

  • If a matching contact or company is found, the match(es) are displayed and the user can select one and download to his or her folder, or ignore the matches and add the new contact if applicable.
  • Data cleansing rules can be applied to all incoming data: For example, two letter abbreviation for all state names. If new rules are added, they can optionally be applied to existing contacts.
  • When a user changes a contact’s company address, the program asks whether it is a correction of the existing address or a new address for the contact. If a correction, other contacts having the same address are fixed automatically.
  • Each firm can determine which data fields need to be looked at when changes are made, before these changes are propagated to other attorneys with the same contact in their Outlook.
Will IntelliPad make our Holiday Card process easier?

In our view, absolutely yes. And, that is true for both eCard and traditional printed Holiday Card productions.

A major consideration for Holiday Cards is attorney signatures, whether on physical cards or by names shown on eCards. IntelliPad lets attorneys indicate their desire to sign, both in Outlook and in the browser view (ContactLink) of their shared contacts. To make it even easier, all attorneys linked to a contact can be included unless they indicate otherwise.

Holiday eCards can be produced by IntelliPad directly, or the information can be provided to third-party companies like Vivid Greetings, which offer music and animated artwork designed for each firm.

If using traditional Holiday Cards, IntelliPad provides a variety of solutions, including:

  • Mailing labels for contacts with only one attorney card signer, sorted and paginated by attorney.
  • Labels for contacts with multiple attorney card signers, sorted by contact, with routing slips for each contact showing the names of all attorney signers.
  • If a conference room will be used for signing cards, a list of all the contact names for card signature for each attorney.
What about creating Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Avery-formatted labels?
IntelliPad also provides a Word Macro that automatically picks up the contact names from the user’s last run data view, or created mailing task, and produces address labels in any selected Avery format. In addition, there is a utility program that produces selected information into spreadsheets or Word documents that can be placed as icons on attorneys’ computer desktops..
What if my firm just kept using Outlook and did not add IntelliPad integration?

To answer this question let's consider what happens if your firm uses an outdated address to send something to a client. Let's further assume that your firm was advised by the client about the address change and that the new address was not updated everywhere it should have been.

The cost of postage and/or shipping is not the problem. It is the embarrassment of already having been told about the address change and then using the old address. This could result in a delay of some needed action or information. Equally important is the message to the client is that your firm is not sufficiently organized or efficient. Instead of increasing their trust in you, they begin to question and worry.

Will IntelliPad keep this type of problem from ever happening? We would like to make that claim, but cannot. However, you will dramatically reduce the possibility of such problems with IntelliPad since there is a single record for each client contact in a central database that is kept up to date with the latest changes as they occur in Outlook contact folders.