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Discover Communications with a Contact

An integrated view of

  • Event Invitations
  • Event Attendance
  • Mass Mailings
  • Business Development Activities
  • Email Sent *
  • Email Received *
  • Outlook-scheduled Meetings *

One year of communications with a contact

From within an Outlook contact see both bar and pie charts for month-by-month trends, for the last 12 months, with drilldowns to detailed communication activities for a selected month or for the entire last 12 months.

Event invitations, webinar or in-person attendance, mass mailings, and business development activities are included.

The IntelliPlus Module provides tracking of the sent and received emails and the Outlook scheduled meetings.

Normally, these communication activities for a single contact need to be found and viewed separately, but with IntelliPad in Outlook, this valuable information is seen in a single integrated view with single-click access.

In addition to per-contact views, the marketing team has access to firm-wide visualization of Contact Communications trends by selecting a desired month range, any combination of Job Titles, Contact Categories, Company Categories, States, Cities, and Company Names – with IntelliPad’s Contact Communications Discovery.

As shown below, communication activities can be seen in one integrated view.

FAQ for this page

Are business development activity entry details available in the drilldown?

Yes. The activities are listed and can be expanded to see the details.

Can I also see communication trends for all of my contacts?

Yes, in the ContactLink browser view: Views menu, Communications (see more details with this link Contact Communications Discovery). This feature lets you select by type of communication, time period, and options such as Job Title, Category, Company City, Company State. The format there is the same: Bar and pie graphs, with click to drilldown.