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CRM Compliance with Anti-Spam Laws

Depending upon the country in which clients and prospects reside, there may be laws and other government regulations about how law firms, or other types of businesses, may contact them for marketing purposes—both by mail of printed materials and by email. Typically, the client or prospect must give the firm

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How a CRM Ensures the Accuracy of Contact Information

One of the most basic and familiar applications of CRM in law firms, and other professional firms that need to manage contact relationships, is the collection and updating of contact information used for the production of holiday cards. Sometimes, that is all that is done to communicate with clients in

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Using Outlook to Speed up your CRM Implementation

With a little work to make Outlook contact information more consistent, the loading of the CRM database will require less effort and time. Administrative assistants can do this on behalf of attorneys. Without this preparation work in Outlook, loading the CRM database will require a lot more data reconciliation time and effort.

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