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Remote Work in Law Firms

How to use a CRM to optimize remote work We are past repeating that the pandemic has ushered in a new commonplace standard of both working remotely and in hybrid arrangements.  New technology has enabled working remotely to become commonplace but sometimes the excess of zoom meetings and haste to

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CRM Implementation Planning to Overcome Obstacles

Switching to a CRM shouldn’t be overly complicated with a little effort by the firm at the outset. However, some factors may still stand in the way of its viability as a growth tool. When implementing a CRM there is always the question of whether it will be widely used,

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Small Firm CRM

There is a common perception that small firms wouldn’t benefit from a CRM but that isn’t the case. While definitions of what a small firm is can widely differ, we have seen firms as small as 10 attorneys successfully use a CRM system in order to save time, keep their

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