For Attorneys & Administrative Assistants


Immediate visibility of:

  • Opportunities
  • Related documents, including RFPs, Proposals
  • Team Members and roles
  • Pipeline Status
  • Activities and assigned Tasks

How can a CRM pay for itself?

By adding one significant engagement for the firm, which is more likely with better business development opportunity visibility and management. And more importantly, opportunity management increases firm growth.

Automatic Relationship Intelligence with IntelliPad tracking email traffic. See who in your firm is communicating with contacts at a prospective client firm.

Attorneys can see and edit their own opportunity information from Outlook. New opportunities can be added or a contact can be linked to an existing opportunity.

Practice Group Leaders can see and manage all of their own Practice Group’s opportunities.

Firm-wide access provides visibility of all opportunities for all Practice Groups and attorneys.

Trends can be discovered with bar charts by period, e.g. this year, last year, last 12 months, and other period selections. A period in the bar chart can be clicked to see a list of opportunities and related contact communications. Opportunity details include documents, contacts, and assigned professionals, and activities. This Discovery feature is available to individual attorneys, Practice Group Leaders, and on a firm-wide basis.

Partners can be granted visibility of one or more Practice Groups
Any combination of these selections can be used to analyze trends
Clicking on a bar in a period drills down to a list of Opportunities, with full access to details

FAQ for this page

How easy is it for an attorney to add an Opportunity in Outlook?

On the IntelliPad Marketing page in the Outlook contact, just click the "Add Opportunity" button and estimate the 1st year revenue. The other data is is filled-in automatically: Opportunity Name (uses the Company or Person name and can be modified), Company and Contact Names, Practice Group (from attorney), and firm default values for the initial Pipeline stage and Probability percentage (either can be changed, if desired).

Business Development Add an Opportunity

What is shown in the drilldown from a selected Bar Chart Period?
A list of Opportunities with their Pipeline Status, Probability, Total and Probable Revenue, and number of Activities (#1 below), the Details for a selected Opportunity (#2 below), with visibility of a Change History (as shown with #3 below), and also available (although not shown in this example) Activities, linked Documents, and both linked Contacts and Attorneys with their assigned roles. Business Development Selected Bar Chart Period Drilldown