For Attorneys & Administrative Assistants

Business Development Follow-up

Set up recurring follow-up with selected contacts

IntelliPad offers an easy way for attorneys to stay in touch

From within an Outlook contact, attorneys can add and manage one-off or recurring business development activities for contacts. Automated email reminders are sent for upcoming activities and for planned but not yet completed activities. A clickable link in the reminder email brings up a web page for quickly marking activities as completed.
Before reaching out to a contact, it is always useful to review recent communications. IntelliPad’s Discover Contact Communications feature, available in Outlook, provides 1 click access to all the contact’s communications and activities for the past 12 months.
All business development activities are visible to the marketing staff, but visibility to other professionals can be limited to none, to specifically selected team members, or to all.
Business development activities can be entered and managed separately by contact or can be linked to Business Development Opportunities. IntelliPad offers comprehensive and easy to use Opportunity Management.

FAQ for this page

How are the activity recurrences created?
Each firm defines their own Activity codes, with the desired recurrence such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc. There is also an end date or a total number of recurrences to create. The attorney or assistant entering the activity selects the desired Activity code; when saved, the program creates the future recurrences, which are immediately shown on the “future” page.
How often do attorneys receive email reminders?
Each firm sets their own schedule and content. For example: Every Monday with activities not yet completed and upcoming activities for the week. The link in the email provides single-click access to see and update the activities for all contacts in the report.