Versys Software Products

Automation for Law Offices & Professional Organizations

Versys Software is the developer of the IntelliPad CRM and the Legal Insight law office automation systems for which it provides turnkey installation services and ongoing product enhancements. An experienced, knowledgeable support staff offers both on-site and remote technical support.

The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, with key personnel in New Jersey and Massachusetts. The Company maintains a relationship with key consulting firms in the field of law office automation. Versys Software is an active participant at major industry conferences, such as the LMA (Legal Marketing Association) and ILTA (formerly Lawnet).

IntelliPad CRM Software

The most recent and a very significant part of the software developed by Versys Software is the IntelliPad CRM product.
From its inception, it has been developed as a solution for professional organizations, primarily for law firms. It is focused on meeting the needs of organizations that have Microsoft Exchange and Outlook installed by providing a means to integrate the contact information at the enterprise level.

Legal Insight software

The Versys Legal Insight software is a mature, comprehensive product installed in a large number of law firms throughout the United States and Canada. The Windows Client/Server system runs in Microsoft Windows and utilizes a SQL/ODBC compliant relational database system. All the modules in Legal Insight are fully integrated (including Time Entry, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Trust Management, General Ledger, Records Management with Bar Coding, and integration with other products such as CompuLaw Calendaring).

Legal Insight has a wide variety of billing features to accommodate virtually any special client requirement. These include task-based billing, split billing, group billing, retainer billing and the creation of electronic invoices for audit company requirements.

The foundations of Versys Software

Versys Software was established in 2014, as a continuation of Versys Corporation, for the purpose of further developing and marketing software to the Legal community. Jim Gillon, the current President, had been an officer at both Versys Corporation and its predecessor Industry Data Services. He previously worked as an independent computer systems consultant, and has over 40 years of experience in computer software development, sales, and installation. Bill McCoy, our Systems Development Manager, is an honors graduate in math and computer science. Bill joined Versys Corporation at its inception in the 1980s, and continues his position with Versys Software.