CRM for Law Firms
Orchestrate your Marketing
with IntelliPad


  • Keeps firm-wide contact information consistent
  • Automatically looks up new contacts when added in Outlook


  • Quickly mark contacts for mailings and events
  • Manage Contact follow-up for Business Development

Business Development

  • Track and Manage Opportunities
  • See seven types of contact communication in a single view

What can a good legal CRM do for your firm?

IntelliPad is accessed through MS Outlook for ease of use with additional fully customizable data fields to provide more in-depth client knowledge. IntelliPad is a powerful marketing platform that is feature-rich and constantly updated.
  • Keep all contact knowledge in common among attorneys with detailed contact history
  • Gain visual insights from past email and marketing campaigns
  • Avoid time-wasting and redundant administrative efforts to get contact information right
  • Attorneys will have the most up-to-date information available on their mobile devices including who the firm works with at a particular business or association
  • Use the central data steward feature to eliminate avoidable communication mistakes and free up your personnel’s valuable time

Explore IntelliPad from Various Perspectives

Quick Overview of IntelliPad CRM

How IntelliPad makes Mailings Easy

  • HTML-formatted emails, mailing labels, badges, etc.
  • Mail Holiday cards in both hard copy and eCards
  • Attorneys can mark contact cards they want to “sign”
    • for hard-copies paginated labels by attorney or routing slips
    • for eCards to include signature blocks with attorney names and individual comments
  • Activity logging, including all activities related to mailings and marketing events
  • Unlimited reports with prompting, selectively provided to attorneys
  • Learn which Email Campaigns are being opened

Integrated Landing Pages

Shown on the firm’s website for contacts to set their own alert preferences, respond to RSVP requests, and to verify or change their own contact information.

Keep it Simple

Experts agree that over-complicated legal CRM systems are a leading reason for unsuccessful implementations. 

IntelliPad is designed to not interfere with your existing work-flow while keeping your contact information clean and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Our system also tracks user implementations and does not add time demanding chores for end users.

Intelligent Legal Marketing
with Data Driven Insights

IntelliPad is a Legal CRM that can aid in developing advanced relationship Intelligence and opportunity management. With a visual presentation of the results of your marketing efforts you can better refine them to suit your needs.

With IntelliPad you can have the “big picture” of opportunity management and growth easily at hand with graphs and pie charts. Use it to track potential opportunities by likelihood of conversion and revenue potential.


  • Access to a central Microsoft SQL Server Database for IntelliPad contact information.
  • IntelliPad works with both single and multiple and clustered Exchange Server installations.
  • No software needs to be installed on the Exchange Server.

Stay Connected

Referrals and reviews are central to growth and your past successes can be amplified through a solid legal CRM like IntelliPad. Use IntelliPad to stay connected and at the forefront of your client’s minds. Maintain careful, personalized nuance at every touchpoint and strengthen your connections through IntelliPad. Integrate both the highly personalized detail of each client and prospect relationship history the firm’s collective knowledge through IntelliPad and harmonize your firm-wide marketing efforts.

Customizable Security

Share and restrict access for Staff, Attorneys, Practice Group Leaders, and Partners. IntelliPad runs on your own servers or on Office 365 and doesn’t require an extensive roll-out of new tech. Cloud-based solutions are are optional, but not required. IntelliPad enables easy mobile access for shared contact information.

Affordable, with Valuable Features

IntelliPad is competitively priced and won’t burden you with excessive and costly features that often go unused. Versys Software is recognized for providing excellent support and designing new generalized features when clients need them. IntelliPad is low-complication software that won’t interfere with other tech and concentrates on performing Legal CRM well.

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Who we are

Versys Software has provided full scale automation and ongoing product support to law firms for over 30 years. We now bring that experience to our law-focused CRM product which is used by firms across the US and Canada. IntelliPad is easily installed and supported by a capable and experienced team.

Versys Software has exhibited at the LMA Annual Conference for 17 years