CRM for Law Firms
Orchestrate your Marketing
with IntelliPad


  • Keeps firm-wide contact information consistent
  • Automatically looks up new contacts when added in Outlook


  • Quickly mark contacts for mailings and events
  • Manage Contact follow-up for Business Development

Business Development

  • Track and Manage Opportunities
  • See seven types of contact communication in a single view

IntelliPad by Versys Software is designed for Legal Marketing automation for law firms and other business and professional organizations requiring advanced maintenance and development of client contacts. IntelliPad user experience operates through a standard Microsoft Outlook environment for ease of use with some added data fields to provide more in-depth client knowledge. IntelliPad CRM is a powerful marketing platform that is feature-rich and constantly updated. Explore this website for detailed product descriptions and screen images of key product functionality. Meet your legal marketing and relationship management goals without any unnecessary complications by using IntelliPad.

Empower your attorneys to have the most current and relevant relationship information possible at hand, either on their mobile device or desktop, as quickly as it’s known to anyone in the firm.

The use of Client Relationship Management Software is becoming standard for Law Firms and professional organizations as its powerful ability to leverage relationship intelligence drives increased revenue. Let your implementation of a CRM solution be orchestrated with ease through Versys Software’s IntelliPad.

IntelliPad provides marketing automation for law firms and other professional organizations. Attorneys, other professionals, and assistants work in Outlook to manage contact information. IntelliPad CRM captures changes to Outlook contact information into a centralized SQL database and works with the firm’s Exchange Server to keep contact information up-to-date in Outlook for all users. Data modification controls can be fine-tuned to your firm’s requirements.

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