Landing Pages are easily added to your firm’s website

For Existing contacts (from emails with clickable links)

  • Update their contact information
  • See and modify their subscription/alert preferences
  • Respond to RSVP requests

  • For New contacts
    (website visitors)

  • Add their contact information and subscription/alert preferences
  • Sign up for any event which does not need an invitation
  • Integrated Security
    When contact information is accessed over the internet, it is extremely important to do so with a very high level of security.  We provide security with a Versys website of, an IntelliPad API (automated programming interface), and the use of both factored and encrypted values. This encryption method is used for the identities of: your firm, existing contacts, events, topics, and mailing lists. Access to live IntelliPad CRM data is also limited to IntelliPad API calls from the website. All of this activity goes on in the background, your contacts only see your firm’s website pages.

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