IntelliPad CRM for Law Firm Marketing  

IntelliPad provides CRM with marketing automation for law firms and other professional organizations.  Attorneys work in Outlook to manage their client and prospect relationships. IntelliPad CRM runs in the background, capturing changes to Outlook contacts into a centralized SQL database.  It works with the firm’s Exchange Server to keep contact information up-to-date across all users.

IntelliPad CRM client law firms appreciate how quickly attorneys and assistants adopt using IntelliPad to manage mailings and marketing events.  IntelliPad includes direct emailing capability.  Optional two-way integrations to Act-On and Constant Contact provide IntelliPad CRM clients with email response tracking.

Act-On is a major provider of marketing automation services and is used by many law firms and other professional organizations. Constant Contact offers over 400 email and newsletter templates and a very low cost email service.  Constant Contact has over 500,000 business clients around the world.

With IntelliPad, attorneys can more efficiently manage their follow-up with selected contacts. The frequency of follow-up can be set with periods such as monthly and quarterly.  Reminder emails are sent to attorneys letting them know which follow-ups they need to accomplish in the next period and which were scheduled but not completed.

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